Today is Throwback Thursday and the first post of the New Year, so I figured I’d give you guys some never before seen photographs! These photos capture moments within the past few years where I have had phenomenal experiences – from visiting Spain and Atlanta to attending a friend’s wedding and completing my first […]

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Pink Slip

Pink is my favorite color, but let’s be real here: all I ever wear is black. Wearing black basically activates my super powers, like Batman. Yes, contrary to popular belief I am Batman, cat’s out the bag. No but seriously, I’m like most women in that dark colors like black make me feel more comfortable […]

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Good Girl Gone a Little Bad

  Before I begin, can I address something with you? Where is Rihanna’s new music? Seriously, I know my girl is doing her thing in the makeup industry right now with Fenty Beauty; no one is a bigger fan of her line than me. But one can only listen to “Kiss It Better” so many […]

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Don’t Call It A Comeback

  Wow, it’s been over three years to the day of my last blog post on my old site Bad, bad Kiersten! Man how I missed you guys. Some of you may be new to my page, so hello and beware! For my others who have followed me from this platform to Instagram, welcome […]

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