Don’t Call It A Comeback


Wow, it’s been over three years to the day of my last blog post on my old site Bad, bad Kiersten! Man how I missed you guys. Some of you may be new to my page, so hello and beware! For my others who have followed me from this platform to Instagram, welcome back! I really appreciate you guys still checking in on my corner of the world – it’s good to be here with a new post.

For my new viewers, feel free to explore past posts; I think you’ll find some pretty good stuff from the previous years. I like to share not only my #ootd but also some fashion tips, tricks and personal things. So sit back and enjoy!

So you’re probably wondering what has happened between then and now – well a lot to be frank. I’ve changed jobs (from college graduate to teacher to corporate woman), did some worldly travelling from Barcelona, Spain to Vancouver, Canada and found love! All of this, including losing my Grandmother, being laid-off for the first time and having difficulty with my weight have made me who I am today and I wouldn’t take that back. I’m just happy to have you here and hopefully we can pick up where we left off. By the way, thank you to my Instagram followers, my sister and my boyfriend for pushing me to come back. Actually, they kind of forced me but hey, whatever works!

Let’s get into this look…I actually threw it together. I know, I know everyone says that but I really did. I love this jacket my boyfriend bought me last year and I really wanted to get another use out of these boots I wore to NYFW this Fall, so I put both on and worked from there. Fall is here so it’s nice to cover-up with layers, but it’s still important for me to feel feminine and a little sexy. Until next time (and that doesn’t mean another 3 years, I promise).

Jacket – Charlotte Russe
Dress – Forever 21+
Bag – Forever 21
Boots – Public Desire

xoxo Kiersten

Photographs by Brandon Heath @theallblackking

4 thoughts on “Don’t Call It A Comeback

  1. I’ve been waiting for this moment for over two years now. I’m happy for you kiersten on finding LOVE and conquering all the life challenges. Keep shinning. Can’t wait for more. Love you


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