Good Girl Gone a Little Bad


Before I begin, can I address something with you? Where is Rihanna’s new music? Seriously, I know my girl is doing her thing in the makeup industry right now with Fenty Beauty; no one is a bigger fan of her line than me. But one can only listen to “Kiss It Better” so many times before losing one’s mind completely.

Anyway, I digress. When I wore this look my Aunt kindly informed me I looked like a walking picnic blanket, laughed to herself then told me I actually looked pretty cute. I thanked her and threw on this leather jacket like James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause. I’m cool, like really cool. Besides, I paired this gingham patterned ASOS dress with not only a vintage leather jacket, but fiery red boots to add to my already cool look. So there Auntie!

You can literally pair black & white with anything. Those two iconic colors together can be a base color or neutral. And if you’re feeling really daring, you can do black & white pattern pieces with other colored pattern pieces or even another complementing black & white garment. But that takes a special styling eye and only for the ones that don’t mind being noticed. Whatever you choose to do with your black & white, just make sure the look fits you! Please for the love of God! It’s vital that your pieces fit because you can get away with a lot more when the look is actually placed on your body correctly. Ill fitting garments or undergarments are a big NO-NO when it comes to sporting patterns, color or any clothing for that matter.

Speaking of undergarments ladies, wow are bras annoying! Especially for women like me with ample bosoms (I always take any opportunity to use the word “bosom”). But if you have a bra that actually fits AND utilize a small little trick I know of, then all your bra issues will be lifted off your chest! See what I did there?

#Ad I use Bra Bridge to eliminate side boob and sagging when I am wearing my bras daily. This little whippersnapper clips onto the inner cups of my bra to provide a slimmer look while remaining concealed underneath my ASOS dress you see above. Buy a variety 3-pack now and use my code BITEME15 for 15% off here. Let me know what you think girl!

Jacket – Unknown (vintage)
Dress – ASOS
Hat – Primark 
Boots – Forever 21

xoxo Kiersten

P.S Thank you Judith for sending me the wonderful Bra Bridge samples!

Photographs by Brandon Heath @theallblackking

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