Pink Slip

Pink is my favorite color, but let’s be real here: all I ever wear is black. Wearing black basically activates my super powers, like Batman. Yes, contrary to popular belief I am Batman, cat’s out the bag. No but seriously, I’m like most women in that dark colors like black make me feel more comfortable because of its concealing and slimming power. I do try to dabble in color here and there, but my base color is usually black. This is probably why my closet is seemingly flooded with thousands of black tops, bottoms and jackets. Oh well, if we ever discover another color darker then black than I’ll convert – until then black it is.

This look has two focal points – the pink suit jacket and the snakeskin boots. Snakeskin is like animal print, gingham or plaid in that it is not only a popular pattern but also a timeless one. Its always a good idea to spruce up a monochrome look  or one with no focal point with a timeless pattern. You could do an all red suit with a faux (I see you PETA) snakeskin bag to give the look just the right splash of personality. Classic patterns like chevron or polka dots also give an outfit dimension and if placed correctly, can flatter one’s shape. For those who are not so print savvy, horizontal prints (like stripes) can make you look wider while vertical ones can make you look elongated or taller, so you do have to be careful.

Not to change the subject, but I sure am happy fall is here. The cool breeze, the beautiful changing leaves and this holiday saturated time of year always gets me in a vivacious spirit. For example, I’ve already started listening to Christmas music! Really! Stevie Wonder’s 1967 holiday album Someday At Christmas has been on repeat and it’s not even Halloween yet, but that’s neither here nor there. For me, fall evokes change, a good change and of course some good fashion. It allows us to pull out our knits, leathers, furs and killer boots. Now I know a lot of you all say fall is your favorite season as well because of the fashion, so I really hope to see some fabulous looks! Until next time ladies and gents!

Jacket – Primark

Tank – ASOS

Skirt – H&M

Boots – Simmi Shoes

Beret – Amazon

Sunglasses – ASOS

xoxo Kiersten

Photographs by Beatrice Heath

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