Today is Throwback Thursday and the first post of the New Year, so I figured I’d give you guys some never before seen photographs! These photos capture moments within the past few years where I have had phenomenal experiences – from visiting Spain and Atlanta to attending a friend’s wedding and completing my first 5k. I even sneaked in a photo from my first Beyoncé concert almost three years ago! All these little snapshots make me who I am and I’m so grateful to share them with you all.

My New Years resolution is no different than the next person: lose an astronomical amount of weight, eat healthy, travel more, spend less, blog more frequently and the list goes on. Pretty sure I give the metaphorical middle finger to all these hopes everyday, but here I am, still trying to at least do something on my list. Although we have these resolution lists or life goals we want to hit, we have to remember ladies and gentlemen our main goal should always be getting closer to Christ. Yup, I said it – right here behind my invisible podium. Christ is the only one who can help you nab that job you’ve been wanting, or lose that last 15 pounds or even find that  unicorn of a man you’ve been praying for. My Grandmother always told me “If you want it, God’s got it and plenty of it!” We have to take that literally and I’m not trying to preach to you, I promise. I’m actually just reminding myself, but if it has encouraged any of you than good looks God, you a real One!

Okay, I’m done for now. But thanks for checking-in, I am still alive and it’s nice to show it every once in awhile. Until next time homie.

xoxo Kiersten

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